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Dr. DeFoore's Healing Anger Newsletter entitled "Become A Spiritual Warrior"
July 15, 2018

Become A Spiritual Warrior
By Healing The Warrior Spirit

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July 15, 2018
Healing Anger Newsletter, Issue #122

Contents Of This Newsletter

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We Are All Born With A Warrior Spirit

The way we're talking about it here, the warrior spirit we're all born with, is our anger. I really believe this is true, after 38 years of watching people get in touch with their anger.

There is definitely a warrior spirit in's just that we all respond to it in very different ways. Here is how the process works:

  • Every human being has anger. It's as natural to us as our skin, bones and blood. This warrior spirit can develop in a lot of different ways, according to the way parents and the world respond to our anger.

  • For some of us, anger is the only way we've ever felt powerful, and that means our warrior spirit is going to be too big and too much a part of our lives. Some of us got our warrior spirit squashed by abuse, abandonment and neglect.

  • If your warrior spirit is too big, you may become an anger addict and become a lot more angry than you want to be.

  • If your warrior spirit was squashed, you may have bought into the victim role, attracted new abusers, and/or developed a pattern of depression, anxiety and illness.

  • Some have been fortunate enough to channel their warrior spirit into athletics, academic pursuits, business competition or even being an excellent soldier.

Certainly the last thing listed here about athletics, academics, work and military service can do a lot for the development of the spiritual warrior. But as you will see, there is much more to it.

Warrior spirit and spiritual warrior may sound a lot alike, but they are actually very different. Notice which word comes first...the warrior spirit leads with anger, and the spiritual warrior leads with spiritual values and a good heart.

"When you heal your emotions and act in total alignment with your deeply held values, you are powerful beyond measure."


It has been said that if you could see the amount of love and power that truly surrounds you, you'd never be afraid again.

Think of the people you've known, up close and from afar, that you consider to be spiritual warriors. If those same qualities did not exist within you, you would not be able to see them in someone else.

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Transform Your Warrior Spirit Into A Spiritual Warrior

The steps to get from warrior spirit to spiritual warrior are basically the same steps you take to heal your anger and overcome anger difficulties. So, first I'll point you to the steps to get that done, then I'll talk about the spiritual warrior and what that looks like. You can also read a whole article about the spiritual warrior here.

To heal your anger and overcome your anger management problems, go to this page that gives you an overview of all of the steps you can take right now to get started. let's look at what we're really talking about when we use the term spiritual warrior:

  • The spiritual warrior is someone who knows her values, and her anger and other intense emotions are all lined up with those values.

  • A spiritual warrior is calm, clear and focused.

  • A spiritual warrior knows who he is and where he's going in life.

  • A spiritual warrior has a strong sense of purpose, which is deeply connected with her values.

  • To the spiritual warrior, love, kindness and compassion are more important than anger. Anger is always in service to love and wisdom for the spiritual warrior.

Think of the people you know whom you consider to be spiritual warriors. These are the people who inspire, lead and uplift us all.

You have that power and goodness in you also. You can bring the beauty and goodness of your heart out into the world, if that's what you decide to do.


anger among angels

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