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Dr. DeFoore's Healing Anger Newsletter entitled "Anger As Your Best Ally"
August 15, 2015

Anger As Your Best Ally
Make It Work For You Not Against You

Knight Armor

August 15, 2015
Healing Anger Newsletter, Issue #087

Contents of this newsletter

Is Your Anger Friend Or Foe?

It's important to know the answer to this question. If your anger is your friend, you have some amazing benefits working for you, and if not, well...

Here are some ways to answer this question for yourself:

  • Do you have health problems that you just don't understand? Unexpressed anger, which turns into resentment, cynicism and bitterness has been shown to contribute to health problems such as heart disease, dementia and cancer.

  • Do you avoid confrontation and other types of difficult conversations that you really need to have? This is very common, but it's not healthy. When your anger is your ally and your friend, you will be able to use effective communication skills to work through any relationship challenges you may face.

  • Do you feel irritated, anxious and/or depressed too much of the time? One way of approaching these problems is by looking at old grievances that you have never resolved, sometimes going all the way back to your childhood.

  • Finally, do you find it hard to get motivated to do the things you really want to do? When your healthy anger is working as your ally, you will be able to establish and maintain the fierce determination necessary to reach all of your goals.

The power of your anger is just too great to ignore. Why not make it work for you, and make sure it's not working against you?

Now let's look at some steps you can take to make your anger your ally and friend.

"When you transform your anger into a spiritual warrior aligned with your values, you will be able to finally create the life and well being you have dreamed of."

William DeFoore

Just consider for a moment that you have far more powerful energy and well being inside you than you have ever realized. I'm only asking that you consider it.

Now let's look at some ways that you can access that power, to demonstrate the truth of that statement I asked you to consider.

You already know how strong your feelings are about what you like and don't like, what you want and don't want. We're just looking at ways that you can get more benefit from those strong feelings, and make sure they don't cause you any problems.

Knight and Sword

Make Your Anger Your Loyal Ally

Think of your greatest heroes, the people you admire more than anyone else. Do you think they ever got angry? Of course they did. And the reason you admire them is that they directed their strong emotions into healthy, effective action.

And you can do the same thing. You just have to understand how to access, direct and express the powerful, healthy energy of your anger in healthy, productive ways.

Here are some steps you can take:

  • Be sure you know what your personal values are. Write down the 10 most important things in life to you. That's a start. Your values are in there, in that list.

  • Now revisit your past pains and sorrows, to make sure you aren't harboring old grievances that may be interfering with your health and happiness. This program on the inner child will help with that.

  • Use the power of imagery to focus your intentions in the direction you want to go.

  • Now activate your focus daily, toward the outcomes you choose for yourself. There is no greater way to accomplish this than through the use of journaling techniques.

  • Get New Positive Thoughts Every Day In Your Inbox

Your anger is not an accident. It's not something for you to wish away, or simply control. It is a part of your power as a person.

Anger and all of your emotions are as natural as your bones, muscle and blood.

The task now is to learn to make these natural and powerful emotions work to your great and lasting benefit.

Healthy Anger

This highly effective audio program, available as CDs or MP3 download, will help you understand and develop your healthy anger so that it is an ally and not an enemy. In this program, Dr. DeFoore will guide you through an understanding of how your emotions work, and how you can make them into a resource for strength, motivation and well being. Get your copy now.

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