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Dr. DeFoore's Healing Anger Newsletter entitled "Comfort With The Unfamiliar"
March 15, 2024

Comfort With The Unfamiliar
How To Stay Cool When Things Are Out Of Control

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March 15, 2024
Healing Anger Newsletter, Issue #190

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Contents of this newsletter

How To Be Comfortable With The Unfamiliar

Fear of change and undertainty is a huge cause of unhealthy, out-of-control anger.

Much of destructive anger has been fueled by a fear of helplessness, which is usually caused by an inability to handle the unknown and the unfamiliar.

When you remain calm while facing uncertainty and the unfamiliar, you will make better decisions and be more emotionally intelligent.

  • The key is to shift your focus from what is going on outside you to what is going on inside you. You have zero control over what is happening around you, and complete control over what is happening in your mind and emotions.

  • The first step is conscious, deep, belly breathing. Ask yourself what you know for sure, and shift your focus away from the uncertainty happening around you.

  • Getting angry will not give you control over what is making you uncomfortable, but breathing and shifting your focus inside will move you toward the comfort you want.

  • Your inner being is wise, and has knowledge and guidance for you, when you become still and quiet enough to listen.

Think of it this way...

Life is uncertain and unpredictable, and that means we will all deal with uncomortable feelings. The beautiful life you want becomes available to you when you begin to find peace in the midst of uncertainty.

William DeFoore

Learn to master the art of shifting your focus from your external life to your internal life. An entire segment of Goodfinding: A User's Guide to EQ and Your Brilliant Mind is devoted to the art and practice of shifting your focus.

You will still have your outer focus, but you will be more calm, clear, focused and intelligent when you learn to focus primarly inside and secondarily outside yourself. You are so much more wise and powerful than you realize!


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