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Dr. DeFoore's Healing Anger Newsletter entitled "Why Are Some People More Angry Than Others?"
January 15, 2014
Hi, find out why some people are more angry than others.

Why Are Some People
More Angry Than Others?

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The Healing Anger Newsletter brings you a refreshing, helpful and upbeat approach to anger management and how it can work for you in every aspect of your life. Here is your chance to keep up with my (Dr. DeFoore here) latest discoveries and insights on anger management and how you can heal the anger in yourself, your family, your school and your workplace.

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January 15, 2014
Healing Anger Newsletter, Issue #068

Why Are Some People
More Angry Than Others?

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What Makes People So Angry?

Some people in this world are definitely more angry than others. Nobody has the final answer for why this is, but let's look at some possibilities:

  • Some people seem to be born with more intense emotional energy than others. You've probably known families where one child always had more intense emotions than the others.

  • Sometimes kids grow up to be angry adults because they were the "identified patient" or the "problem child" in their family of origin. This kind of role can be very hard for people to shake off, and it can lead to chronic anger in some cases.

  • There are also patterns in families where certain children bond more with one parent than the other. We've all heard, "He's just like his father," for example. Well, if that parent is angry, then the child may be as well, on into her/his adult years and not knowing why.

Most people who are chronically angry feel that they are bad people...which makes the problem worse.

The people described above are not bad people, and they can learn to manage that wonderfully powerful emotion so that it works for them instead of against them.

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What Else Causes Chronic Anger?

There are many different things that can cause ongoing anger problems for people.

Often these problems arise from childhood experiences, but they can just as easily result from unresolved adult trauma. Here are some examples:

  • Extreme physical or sexual abuse at any age is often underlying extreme anger issues.

  • Being neglected, abandoned or rejected, especially in childhood, can sometimes lead to ongoing anger, although in these cases it's more likely to become bitterness and/or depression.

  • An opposite scenario is when parents spoil their children. Spoiled children often turn into very angry adults who can never get what they want.

  • Unresolved grief at any age can give rise to unexplained and recurrent anger problems in adults. Anger is one of the stages of grief, and it is all too easy to get stuck there.

And don't forget... you can make yourself very angry simply by focusing what is wrong, bad and broken in this world, instead of what is good, right and working. Be a Goodfinder, and look for the good in yourself and the world around you. That won't solve all of the problems, but it will certainly help.

All of these causes can work in combination or separately. We are incredibly complex human beings, and the variety of ways we can get to be the way we are is virtually unlimited.

If any of the above applies to you or someone important in your life, there is always hope.

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