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Dr. DeFoore's Healing Anger Newsletter entitled "Develop Your Personal Power"
September 15, 2020

Develop Your Personal Power
By Connecting With Your Good Heart And Mind

Personal Power

September 15, 2020
Healing Anger Newsletter, Issue #148

Archive issue from September, 2015

Contents of this newsletter

Why Do You Need To Be Powerful?

That's what your anger is all about. It's the primitive power emotion, that is usually a reaction to threat, pain and fear...which make you feel vulnerable. Anger feels like a more powerful alternative to these more powerless emotions.

As a matter of fact, some of the most destructive anger I've been aware of comes straight out of a feeling of powerlessness. Powerlessness is unacceptable. Nobody wants to feel that. And when the feeling gets too big, a blind rage can sometimes follow.

So, back to our question...why do you need to be powerful?

  • If you don't feel powerful enough to take good care of yourself (and your loved ones), then you will be too afraid too much of the time which leads to that feeling of powerlessness.

  • You need to be powerful enough to protect yourself, and further, to create a happy, healthy and safe life experience for yourself by creating happy, supportive relationships.

  • You've probably noticed that this world is not always a friendly place. If you let them, there are people who will take advantage of you and even hurt you.

  • You need to be powerful within your own world, so that you can rise to the level of your highest and best, and relax and open your good heart to those you love.

Obviously, you need to be smart and healthy in how you use your power. When it's healthy, your anger transforms into the power of assertiveness, determination, will power and enthusiasm.

We know all about the type of power that comes from violence, aggression and rage, and that's not what we're talking about here.

Your personal power is a combination of your naturally good heart and your knowledge and skills for assertiveness and healthy anger.

Dr. William DeFoore

Keep in mind we're talking about power within yourself, not power over others. You don't need to have power over others, you only need to be powerful enough to keep yourself safe, healthy and happy.

Like a powerful spiritual warrior, you only need to be sovereign in your own domain, while respecting the power and sovereignty of others in their domain.

Now let's look at some ways that you can access and increase your sense of personal power, in ways that work well for you and others.

How To Develop Your Personal Power

You are powerful, whether you realize it or not. Your power comes from your good heart, your love, and your desire for a good life for yourself and your loved ones.

It has nothing to do with physical size (as the 105 lb. grandma in the video shows...), but it has everything do with will and determination.

Here are some ways you can develop and expand your personal power:

  • Understand that the greatest power always comes from love and the desire to protect. Think of the mother grizzly protecting her young, or any parent protecting their children. I think you see what I mean.

  • Develop self love with your inner child, so that you have that same loving, protective instinct with yourself.

  • Tame the beasts of your soul. By that I mean make sure you don't have too many old, unaddressed wounds and grievances from your past. That's where destructive anger (the beast) comes from.

  • Whatever you're trying to do, picture it already done. This powerful mental focus will bring you into greater alignment with everything you're trying to do, greatly enhancing your personal power.

  • Get New Positive Thoughts Every Day In Your Inbox

You were designed to be powerful. Being powerful simply means being in charge of your own thoughts, actions and emotions, and able to manage the stresses and challenges of your life.

Emotional intelligence is an excellent concept for understanding more about this type of personal power. Learn more about emotional intelligence here.

Healthy Anger

This highly effective audio program, available as CDs or MP3 download, will help you understand and develop your healthy anger so that it is an ally and not an enemy. In this program, Dr. DeFoore will guide you through an understanding of how your emotions work, and how you can make them into a resource for strength, motivation and well being. Get your copy now.

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