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Dr. DeFoore's Healing Anger Newsletter entitled "The Courage Of Kindness"
September 01, 2012
Hi, learn how kindness is stronger than anger.

The Courage Of Kindness
Why You Have To Be Tough To Be Kind

courage of kindness

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September 1, 2012
Healing Anger Newsletter, Issue #052

The Courage Of Kindness
Only Healthy Anger Is Strong

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Why Is Anger Easier Than Kindness?

Getting angry is a no-brainer. What I mean is, you don't usually decide to get angry, it just takes over. And the part of your brain that triggers your anger is just not that smart. It's survival-based, and operates on a hair-trigger when you feel threatened or opposed.

Being kind might be natural for some people, but for many of us it has to be a decision, which uses more brain power, and takes more energy. Let's look at some other reasons anger is easier than kindness:

  • Anger is a protective emotion, and it comes right out of fear (although most people don't know or admit that). Therefore, anger is actually based on weakness, and is only truly healthy and strong when it is paired up with love and wisdom, and then it becomes dedication, committment, focus and clarity.

  • Kindness is a generous, giving emotion that comes from a sense of love and well being. So, kindness comes from strength.

  • Anger might seem tough, but you have to be really tough to be kind.

  • Why do you have to be tough to be kind? Because when you're being kind your heart is open, and you have to be tough enough to take that risk, and protect your heart if somebody lashes out at you while it's open.

Use your healthy anger and make up your mind to be kind. Courage is actually the best part of anger, and it requires an open heart...the "cour" part of courage means "heart."

The hardest part of this is mastering your own internal emotions. You have to get to know your anger to do this. Use the exercises on this page to get the job done.

Where Can I Find The Courage To Be Kind?

The simple answer is, right inside you, in the heart of your good heart. The problem is, I realize, that you may have hardened your heart, or your heart may be broken.

Here's what you can do to heal your heart and open it up in kindness:

  1. Make a list of all of the memories you have, that wounded your heart, or caused you to close it to other people (that's also when you started becoming angry).

  2. Use these imagery processes to heal those wounds, and open your heart. This will make you stronger and more courageous.

  3. The courage you find while looking into your tender, wounded heart will give you the strength to be kind to others.

  4. I want you to consider that you are naturally a courageous, kind and loving human being. You may have been living with a hard angry shell around your wounded heart, but that's just scar's not who you really are.

This is what you were born for, to connect with the goodness and kindness inside you, and around you.

It takes courage to be kind. Don't fool yourself into thinking that anger is strong. It's not--it comes right out of fear. Real strength is kindness.

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