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Dr. DeFoore's Healing Anger Newsletter entitled "Honoring Your Internal Protector"
December 15, 2019

Honoring Your Internal Protector
The Protective Nature Of Anger

internal protector

December 15, 2019
Healing Anger Newsletter, Issue #139
First published February 2013

Honoring Your Internal Protector
The Protective Nature Of Anger

Contents of this newsletter

What Is The Internal Protector?

Well, in a word, it's your anger. Anger is originally a protective emotion, which gets triggered when you feel threatened or opposed in any way.

But since your anger was not honored, accepted or guided when you were a child, it developed in unhealthy ways. So now, it has become a destructive protector. Let's see how that happens:

  • When your original, protective anger was punished, ignored or squashed, it had to retreat to the shadows of your subconscious mind.

  • It didn't go away, it just became more primitive in its methods of protection.

  • So, what started out as a healthy, normal protective response has become some version of resentment, rage, bitterness, depression or anxiety. These are the results when we don't get to develop the healthy power of the natural protective emotion of anger.

  • The internal protector then becomes destructive, to you and to others. It's like a wounded warrior who has become blind and unfocused in her rage, striking out in all directions.

  • It's still a protector, so it is still good at its core--but it becomes very dangerous, just like any other wounded animal does.

Your job is now to get to know the wounded warrior, and heal the noble protector of your anger, so that it can work for you and not against you.

Let's examine some steps you can take to honor your internal protector:

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avenging angel

How Do I Honor My Internal Protector?

If it's clear to you that your anger is originally and naturally a protective emotion, then you've already taken the first step.

This can be very challenging, since your anger may have become extremely toxic and's hard not to hate or fear it. Here is how you proceed, so that you can be strong and healthy:

  • Let your anger speak. That is the sole purpose of the anger journaling exercise, which is simply a way to get your anger out on paper in a safe and healthy way.

  • Review and revisit your memories of those times when you needed protection and didn't have any. These were the times when your internal protector wanted to protect you, but wasn't able to for some reason.

  • Feel the anger related to those events in your life. Acknowledge it as a protective response.

  • Now imagine your anger as a protective angel or other similar image that is both fierce, angry and good all at the same time.

  • Now speak to this wounded protector in your mind, saying, "Thank you for trying to protect me all of these years. I know it has been a difficult journey for you. I want you to know you're no longer alone. I want to work with you to create a safe, healthy and beautiful life going forward."

  • Finally, make a list of all of the ways that you currently protect yourself emotionally, and label each one as "healthy" and "unhealthy." Build on the healthy ones, and begin developing an image of your healthy anger as a spiritual warrior, totally devoted to your health and happiness.

If you did the above exercises, you may be feeling some powerful emotions right now. If not, then that only means that your anger is locked away out of your reach. Keep trying these techniques, and you may be able to break through your internal barriers and connect with your good and noble heart.

When you heal your heart and the powerful internal protector within you, your capacity for creating a joyful and healthy life will be greatly enhanced and expanded.

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