Anger Management Training
For Professionals And Support Staff In Healthcare

Anger management training by Dr. William DeFoore provides a complete certification program for healthcare professionals and support staff working with patients and individuals with anger management issues.

Dr. DeFoore will "meet you where you are," and design a program that best suits your needs.

Whether you are a physician, psychologist, counselor, nurse or another type of health care worker, you will get the level of training you're looking for.

You probably know that anger and stress are behind a lot of health issues that professionals face today.

Learn how to respond well to the anger of your patients or clients, and how to teach them to be their own anger management resource.

Anger Management Training For Professionals

This level of training is for you if you want to learn to actually help your clients and patients overcome and heal their anger issues.

Participants receive the training while simultaneously going through the therapeutic experience themselves. There is no better way to learn a technique than by experiencing it directly.

Here are the components of the training program, in the order that they will be taught:

  1. Overview of the Four-Part Emotional Healing Process--this gives you the big picture overview of the entire process, where you start, where you're going and how to get there.

  2. Personal history review and "Life Script"--here we take a close look at what happened and how it affected you, so that the client fully understands primary influences on emotional development patterns.

  3. anger management training
  4. Dialogue, resolution and release of parents and parent figures--one of the most important steps in the emotional healing process, this is where the client establishes emotional and psychological independence from parents and other primary caregivers.

  5. Inner child imagery for emotional healing--this phase offers deep subconscious emotional healing of the pain that underlies anger. The client actually "revisits" the traumatic memories to correct them and provide what the inner child of the past truly needs.

  6. "Finding the face" of anger for the purpose of anger control--taking imagery to another level, we now provide the client with a powerful tool for anger management. The groundwork has been laid, and at this point we "capture" the image of the anger, thereby claiming authority over the thoughts, actions and feelings that have been causing problems.

  7. Establishing new beliefs and new behavior for effective anger management--this is the "finishing up" phase, in which we use old limiting beliefs as a springboard for establishing new, empowering ones. From there, new behaviors are identified that reinforce and strengthen new beliefs, thereby creating lasting, healthy growth and change.

This is a thorough, complete, and highly effective approach to emotional healing and anger management that has been developed and improved steadily during Dr. DeFoore's 40+ years of practice as a professional counselor. Upon completion, professionals will be prepared to begin working with clients directly in this process.

Anger Management Training For Support Staff

In this anger management training program, participants are educated and prepared in the techniques for intervening with clients/patients' anger in impromptu scenarios. This is not designed for formal therapeutic process, but more to teach the management of clients with anger issues.

Participants in this program will learn:

  • Nonverbal communication skills for "diffusing" and avoiding escalation

  • Verbal skills for reflection, empathy and support

  • Healthy appropriate skills for confrontation that do not (necessarily) provoke the client

  • Skills that they can teach to clients such as:

    • Journaling
    • Reflective listening/empathy
    • Conflict resolution communication skills

  • Positive attitude development to reduce job-related stress and maintain energy level

Support staff and medical technicians who work with angry clients/patients experience tremendous job-related stress.

This anger management training program will prove tremendously beneficial for personal/professional stress management and successful client management.

Please contact us now for pricing and other information about these programs. Each program is designed and developed according to client needs.

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